141st IPU Assembly and Related Meetings

Belgrade, 13-17 October 2019



General Debate

Strengthening international law: Parliamentary roles and mechanisms, and the contribution of regional cooperation


Address by Mr. Andrei Daniel GHEORGHE

Member of the Romanian IPU Group



Madam President/Mr. President,

Distinguished colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is with great pleasure that I take in this important debate of the 141st IPU Assembly.

Today, we are celebrating 130 years of fruitful interparliamentary partnership and cooperation. 130 years of working together, sharing ideas and best practices with one goal only: to create a safe, equal and better world for the future generations.  

In this spirit, I would like to underline that consolidating and promoting international law in the field of international relations represents an essential task, incumbent upon all state actors. Along the same lines, supporting international jurisdictions is an important part of promoting and strengthening the rule of law.

Romania has always considered that regional cooperation is meant to bring a relevant contribution to strengthening the climate of security and stability on the European continent

In the last 30 years, Romania’s democracy matured. The economy is developing at a very satisfactory pace, and the living standard of the population is improving.

This success is, to a significant extent, the result of Romania’s participation in bilateral and multilateral formats of dialogue with a substantive parliamentary dimension whose role has been crucial in building up an enabling legislative framework.

The supremacy of the rule of law in international relations is a value assumed by  the Romanian Parliament, as proven by its messages during debates and internal mechanisms of interinstitutional dialogue on foreign policy issues, and also in international formats of parliamentary cooperation (friendship groups, assemblies to international organizations, informal networks leading their activities to promote democracy and the rule of law).

Dear friends,

We should spare no effort in building a stronger interaction between the IPU and other international organizations. This provides a solid basis to better address the challenges that we have to face on a daily basis and to support the development of stable, democratic and prosperous societies.

I strongly believe that the only way to make progress is by increasing cooperation among our parliaments in bilateral, regional and global formats, but most importantly to strengthen the relations between all of us, as friends, as colleagues and as parliamentarians.


Thank you!