136th IPU Assembly and Related Meetings

Dhaka, 1-5 April 2017



General Debate

Redressing inequalities: Delivering on dignity and well-being for all




Address by Mr. Dumitru OPREA

Vice-President of the Romanian IPU Group



Madam President/Mr. President,

Distinguished colleagues,


I am most grateful for the opportunity to take the floor in the plenum of the 136th IPU Assembly.

The theme we address today brings me back in time two years ago, in Hanoi, when, following a very substantive General Debate to which I had the honor to participate, the IPU endorsed a strong document expressing the parliamentary vision on the future of humanity and our commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda.

We are here to continue and refine this reflection, because sustainable development is about redressing inequalities, under all forms and manifestations.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Romania’s legislation and public policies aim at building a well-balanced society, based on the principle of inclusiveness.

The vision of the Romanian public policy is based on the idea that we need to further consolidate a society based on inclusive principles, the main goal being to stimulate a smart and sustainable economic growth. This would lead to a powerful, proactive system and a well-balanced society, with a middle class that is expanding. 

My country attaches utmost importance to the investment in children and adolescents, who represent our most valuable, strategic resource. Respecting the rights of the child and the principle of equal opportunities in access to decent living conditions, health care, and quality education for children is a priority in efforts to achieve a sustainable development.

At the same time, we should place a high emphasis on the policies for the elderly. We should ensure them a proper social protection and a decent income, thus granting a well-deserved respect that was earned during a lifetime of work.

In what concerns the disabled, the aim is to make them feel as a valuable part of society by treating them equally and with dignity.

Dear colleagues,

Parliaments are powerful agents of change and it is mainly their responsibility to make sure that inequalities are addressed comprehensively when promoting the SDGs at national level.

The Parliament of Romania, in its Declaration on the SDGs adopted last year, emphasized that success in driving sustainable development forward is only possible in so far as the objectives proposed effectively address the expectations and needs of the people, and the decisions taken for their implementation result in an increase of the quality of life and individual and collective wellbeing.

As a closing statement, I would like to point out that only by promoting coherent, realistic social and economic policies that could determine a dynamic, flexible and better performing labor market, we can reduce unemployment rates, poverty and social exclusion.


Thank you !